sorche berry

I’m a secular monastic in the Christian Celtic tradition, passionate about life, love, horses, Sufism, and Shin Buddhism, with Centering Prayer and poetry as my spiritual practices. I live in Texas with a husband, 2 teens, and 2 horses. My writing passions include strange alternative theologies, the natural world, and contemplative practice.

This site is about my journey as a neo-monastic Celt, my brushes with the perennial philosophy and with contemplative greats, like Augustine Baker and Gertrude More. It’s also about the search for balance in an unbalanced world.

Part of what life is about is taking the time to look closely. Poetry, with its attention to life’s details, helps me see how the patterns that were not patterns, probably were patterns all along.

Motto: “Carpe iter” Sieze the journey!

Except for the shot of the Great Jacamar (kind of fitting that I’ve never seen one), all the photography here is by me.


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